Season Change

It looks as if the warmer weather is finally coming to an end, and Autumn is here. With the change of the seasons a lot of people often find it hard to sleep. Not only is there a change in temperature, but many people find they do not cope well with the shorter hours of daylight over the Winter months. […]

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Sleep and weight loss!

Find out how sleep and weight loss are connected.

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Sleep Hacking

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about this new thing called Sleep Hacking… Apparently it’s this new idea that’s taking city office workers by storm. The basic premise is that you cut down how long you’re asleep, by making sure you have better quality sleep over a shorter space of time.

The thing is, sleep is a natural thing. By trying to “hack” your sleep, you’re essentially trying to cheat nature; and that never ends well. Human beings need a certain amount of sleep in order to be fit and healthy. It’s true (as I mentioned in a previous blog post) that you do need less sleep in Summer – as we wake up from hibernation mode, there is more sunlight, which keeps you awake, and more movement. But we’re not talking several hours less here! […]

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Lack of sleep and brain damage

Science has proven that lack of sleep and insomnia damages brain cells. Anandi's view on recent findings.

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Happy World Sleep Day

Anandi' give away for World Sleep Day, check it out!

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Sleep and the menopause

Insomnia often turns up with the menopause. Anandi insists sleep is a question of balance and gives suggestions on how to cope with sleepless nights created by menopausal symptoms.

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Do you need more sleep in winter?

Sleep is even more important in the winter. Check out why!

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The sleep cycle

Some people think they are either asleep or awake, but sleep is a much more delicate affair than that.  There are several different cycles that a healthy person goes through during the night.   We all know that even a minimum amount of sleep loss takes its toll on everything you do from your mood to how you handle stress. Sleep is not a luxury and you cannot afford to skip hours just because you are too busy with work or social life.  Sleep must be the one thing in our lives that gives us an abundance of benefits, yet all we need to do is sleep!  Sounds simple, but to some it isn’t!


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Our dear heart!

The breath is the interface between your mind and heart, and you can’t get away from the fact that whatever is going on in your mind affects your breath and whatever the mind and breath are doing affects your heart.

Lets try an exercise a moment.  You will need a little timer, which you are going to set for 6 minutes with an interval bell at 3 minutes. […]

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What have chakras to do with sleep?

Firstly, when people hear the word chakra, they often dismiss it as being too 'woowoo', but listening to Deepak Chopra who is a major authority on eastern philosophy he has reported research that shows that there are different vibrational frequencies that relate to the chakras, so western science has proven that chakras exist, eastern science goes one step further and says that each chakra corresponds to different levels of consciousness.

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