What an earth has sleep got to do with loosing weight I hear you say?  Well actually there is a profound connection between insomnia and the inability to loose weight.  Unfortunately 51% of the British public have an issue with sleep in one form or another, which is over half of us….What is happening and why is this becoming an epidemic?!!

I hear many people talking about which diet they tried;  low carbohydrates, no carbohydrates, apples only, eggs and grapefruit, cabbage soup only etc etc…how on earth is someone supposed to follow some of these diets I don’t know. Health is an holistic matter and in most cases, loosing weight is about a lifestyle change, that means there is no going back!!!

When you don’t sleep well, you look dreadful, skin starts to look grey and dehydrated, eyes go bloodshot, dark circles under the eyes, not a pretty sight!!!  Your hair doesn’t look good either when you are suffering from sleep deprivation!!!   There is a clear connection to thinning hair and wrinkles.   Apart from not looking good, you will feel dreadful, you won’t be able to function, you will be irritable and everything aches….yes, its horrid.  If you then transport yourself forward to weeks, months or even years of poor sleep things can get even more serious.

So, what about the weight gain? When you don’t sleep well, you will often feel more hungry and crave sugar and carbohydrates, so you will find you eat more of the wrong stuff.  Behind the scenes there will be all sorts of  things going on like thinning skin, elevated blood sugar, increased blood pressure, more adrenalin and cortisol swimming around your body and lowered immune system.  When all of this happens, your system starts to shut down and can’t metabolise food or experience properly leaving you bloated, spotty and depressed.


For starters, your diet is fundamental,  for example you need  foods rich in Tryptophan which is contained in foods like cottage cheese, brown rice, avocados, bananas, walnuts, tomatoes, soy protein, meat and turkey (highest tryptophan food), starchy carbohydrates (bread, pasta, carrots and potatoes).   Tryptophan is an amino acid you get only by consumption.  The more colourful the food on your plate, the more goodness there is still in the food, take a Macdonalds for example, not much colour in a burger and chips is there (unless you smother with tomato sauce!)?

You also need to look at your daily rituals, is there any space in your day for fresh air, exercise, meditation or yoga in your day?  A tight body and a busy head is no good for sleep.  Eating late is a no, no too, if your body is digesting, it will not be resting….

I will be in touch soon with an invite to a webinar where I will be giving lots of tips and advice to make sure you get a good nights sleep…

Sweet dreams!