The sacred space

There are two very important rejuvenation spaces in the home, and that is the bedroom primarily and the bathroom….when you get up in the morning, your bathroom sets your mood for the day and is a place for cleansing, detoxification and preparation for the outside world.   When we prepare for bedtime it is a healing environment where we wash away the day and start the restorative process of bedtime and natural sleep.  Its time to clear out your bathroom and get rid of all those old dusty bottles and stuff you have not used for years and clean up and organise all the stuff you do use and makes you feel good. Once you have cleared the space, do something to make the bathroom feel more nourishing like adding candles, essential oils, flowers or changing the lighting and treating yourself to a new cupboard where you can organise better your things.  Adding a small statue or a new picture that gives the bathroom a sense of being part of your temple of rejuvenation can make a huge difference to your bathroom experience!

Your bedroom is another space that needs attention.  A cluttered bedroom with stuff under your bed gathering dust will not be conducive to natural sleep and a bedroom is certainly no place for a computer or a television – not good natural sleeping remedies!  The bedroom is a place for sleep and sex only!

Ideally your bedroom should be airy, but not cold and should make your heart sing as soon as you enter.   You should have a sensation of being pampered, soothed and rejuvenated and where you immediately feel like the stresses and strains of the day fall away, and you feel safe, protected and uplifted.  This is where your daily self care is intrinsically linked with your environment and your bedroom becomes the inner sanctum of your healing sanctuary.

“Being, sleeping, dreaming or making love in your bedroom will infuse your body, mind and spirit with the healing presence and rejuvenating energy or the sacred” Jagatjoti Khalsa

Enjoy creating a new sleep and practise space…it really does make you feel wonderful!