and struggling with sleep?

This sleep, breath and wellbeing retreat is for you.  Picture yourself in a magical place, somewhere that’s truly peaceful, cut off from the demands of your frenetic life, enjoying real ‘you’ time.

Fully supported by a small intimate group of like minded others, Anandi guides you on a full immersion of Ayurveda wellness tools that you will be abe to take home and use every day.

There is no better place to transform yourself than at one of  Anandi’s hand picked venues.  The Old Rectory is an elegant retreat centre, perfect for your rejuvenating experience in the countryside of Devon.



During this breath wellness retreat you will:

  • Learn advanced breathing techniques
  • Practice yoga with Anandi at your chosen level
  • Improve your health and vitality naturally
  • Experience advanced meditation techniques
  • Enjoy deep profound sleep
  • Unwind and recharge your wellbeing
  • Implement Ayurvedic healing into your day to day life
  • Learn tools to manage life and it’s challenges


Ayurvedic menu carefully crafted by Anandi

Food therapy is an important part of this retreat. Combined with Ayurvedic dietary principles and Anandi’s own particular blend of organic recipes, you’ll be nourished from the inside.

You’ll be guided on Ayurvedic nutrition for your own constitutional needs.

You’ll learn how food affects your equilibrium and your sleep pattern and you’ll go home being able to make the right food choices for better internal balance, improved sleep patterns and optimum health.

Registration now open

Denise Budworth

This retreat has surpassed all my expectations. I’m a much happier person taking much more care of myself

Mandy Deakin Snell

I’ve been to many of Anandi’s retreats, but this was the best yet. I’ve learned so much about the benefits of Ayurveda and I can take home some great tips and advice for better well being and sleep

Antonia Skelton

I feel renewed, changed and great. I’m SO glad I came – I have been raving about it to everyone since I got back

Lesley Davies

Beautiful and enriching and life changing. The workshops were excellent and fascinating. Definitely exceeded all my expectations and I am so glad I came.

Lesley Davies

You made it such a special experience for us all Anandi - I learnt so much and understand so much more about achieving balance and well being in my life. You made it all so authentic, natural, spiritual and moving. And such Fun! I really don't know how to say thank you except to say that I feel so happy, relaxed and full of energy and optimism now, and that's down to you!

Tina Burton

Amazing, possibly life changing experience. I gained a wealth of knowledge from Anandi that I can take away with me and implement into my daily life at home. A positive and enjoyable 5 days

Jane Corani

Anandi is a very spiritual lady and has a way of teaching that encompasses everything. A truly special experience and journey that I intend to continue.

Katie Foster

All in all fabulous. Anandi manages to combine extensive knowledge, skilful teaching techniques with a warm and empathic management of ‘everything’. Her generosity of spirit towards the whole group was remarkable

Kaisha Margaret Turner

Thank you so very, very much for the greatest opportunity to experience this very special time with you all, in such a caring nurturing environment, it was all so beautifully planned, full of life supporting information spent amongst like minded souls in peace and tranquility. You are the most magnificent facilitator, Please put me down for the next one! I really had a breakthrough with the Ayurvedic system, well in fact several breakthroughs! A truly five star experience.

Sharon McLaughlin

A great experience, I’ll definitely be back for more

Maria Locke

Thank you Anandi, I’ve come back to my real self and motivated to make the changes I need

Retreat Gallery

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Yoga Sleep

Yoga Sleep

A deeply relaxing practice, that done regularly, promotes deeper better quality sleep

The Book

The Book

Breathe Better, Sleep Better. A step by step guide on how to work with the breathe for a better nights sleep

Guide to breathing

Guide to breathing

Featured in Anandi's book, Breathe Better, Sleep Better. Audio & step by step guide on how to use the breath