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‘We need at least another hour of sleep every night in the winter. When the light goes down, melatonin – our sleepy hormone – is produced, so we get tired earlier. You’re going against nature to wake up when it’s still dark’

The Good Web Guide

The Good Web Guide article Jan 2014

Here Anandi shares some thoughts on the power of meditation.

Sleep is really important for your wellbeing. Sleep disturbance or insomnia can affect everything from your weight to your mental health. Not to mention bags under your eyes and an uncanny ability to forget everything! My goal is to help everyone to get a restful, relaxing night’s sleep and to wake feeling refreshed.

One thing that can really help with maintaining a healthy sleep rhythm is meditation. Meditation is a great way of relaxing the mind and calming that fight or flight response that many of us have for large portions of our days in modern life. Instances such as an irritating phone call, disagreement about who’s the best looking person in TOWIE etc, all build up and leave us in a constant state of stress that’s not great for getting seven hours’ sleep at night.

Many people feel like they must be a complete meditation moron. A typical complaint I hear is that, “When I try to meditate, everything I need to do pops into my head.” This is perfectly normal and everyone experiences it when they first begin to meditate – it doesn’t mean you’re no good at it! The important thing is to stick at it and be patient. It’s important not to become disheartened; stick with it daily for at least three weeks and you will notice the benefits! Watch those shopping-list thoughts come into your mind, and float away again. Your to-do list will still be there when you finish!

Vogue India

Vogue India

We heard about Anandi via Vanity Fair’s The A-List newsletter and immediately a health fad alarm sounded. The Sleep Guru? Now that’s a first for us from the land of yoga and naturopathy!

This former beauty therapist, who counts Sting among her clients and Deepak Chopra among her teachers, trained in hypnotherapy, NLP, massage and over 500 hours of yoga with her guru in India — to treat her own insomnia. It obviously worked because now it’s her career.

Anandi has a sleep retreat in Le Marche, Italy, conducts sessions at a London clinic and even does sleep coaching consultations via Skype or phone for international clients.

“I have a passion for sleep because of my own history; trotting off to the doctor for sleeping pills is not the answer,” Anandi told Alice B-B of The A-List. “If you’re not on the right path, stuck or going round in circles, it can keep you awake — so you need to make a change.”

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair screen shot

One bad night’s sleep is grumpy-making, but weeks and months of insomnia can be devastating, as Anandi – aka The Sleep Guru – discovered.

A divorce and money problems resulted in years of insomnia for former beauty therapist Anandi. “I was in a bad way; I had ulcers in my mouth and rosacea and my friends were really worried about me.” But it was in 2000, when Anandi was invited by her client Sting to his house in Italy that something clicked………

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