Neom Organics

Anandi is on the board of Neom Organics Wellbeing Experts.  I’m excited to be part of a brand that is dedicated to inspiring naturally healthier living.  Of particular interest is their ‘Scent to Sleep’ range of calming and soothing products that help the relax the mind, body and spirit.


Utmost Me

Anandi and Utmost Me have very much a joint mission of helping others achieve their full potential through better sleep

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Healing Holidays

Anandi is part of the Wellbeing Experts team for Healing Holidays, London. Healing Holidays offer superb bespoke luxury retreats.  They are featured yearly in the Conde Nast Traveller and Tatler spa guides.

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Andro Donovan

Leadership Coach

I often work with Andro Donovan on her retreats.  My work helps facilitate and deepen the experience of Andro’s clients. You can get a FREE chapter of her book ‘Motivate Yourself’ on her site.

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