Harpers Bazaar June 2012

June issue of Harper’s Bazaar which features the Sleep Retreat in Italy in a round up of ‘Boutique Bootcamps’

Bad sleep is a modern day ailment (80 percent of us are thought to suffer), and how to cure it is the new big question.  so if you’ve exhausted your supply of supplements and pills and even exercises and still  haven’t found the answer, check in to see the Sleep Guru, who holds sleep retreats at Treia in Le Marche, Italy.  A trained hypnotherapist, Anandi, uses a natural approach for relaxation, breathing, ayurvedic techniques, meditation and yoga, and will also access our diet if she thinks it is necessary!

But this is designed to be more than a remedy for your sleep – it will unravel stress, worries or triggers behind the problem.  Not simply a lesson in the basics of how to get a good night’s sleep (no napping, TV or exercise before bed), this retreat gives you the tools to create a calming headspace again and train your mind to switch off and sleep well….


Harpers June 2012