The cost of sleep deprivation in the work place

The cost of sleep deprivation in the work place is huge.

The Centre for Disease Control has declared insufficient sleep is at epidemic levels.

This is not just an American or a UK problem, it’s a world problem.

Besides impairing health and wellbeing, existing evidence suggests that sleep plays an important part in determining cognitive performance and workplace productivity. Lack of sleep can lead to more traffic accidents, industrial accidents, medical errors, and loss of work productivity.

The consequences and related economic costs of insufficient sleep are huge.

Cost of Sleep Deprivation

There are many serious health issues associated with sleep deprivation such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and strokes.

Our general performance is radically reduced when we’re sleep deprived due to the effect on the brain.

Cost and impact of Sleep Deprivation in the work place


Sleep is a critical pillar of health and an area of wellbeing somewhat overlooked.

If a team member is sleeping badly it will affect their mood, ability to concentrate and perform tasks.

According to the American National Saftey Council a fatigued worker productivity costs employers $1,200 to $3,100 per employee annually.

Whilst mental health in the workplace is in the spotlight currently, sleep has got to be part of any workplace wellbeing programme.


Cost and impact of Sleep Deprivation in the work place

Quick wins to help engage your team in prioritising sleep

PDF download with useful tips on how to get a good night’s sleep. Please do share with your team. Click the image for the download.

Top 10 sleep tips

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Sophie Theadom VP Of People, Captify

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Read the full Rand report on the economic cost of sleep deprivation here.