What kind of day helps you sleep better

If you want to sleep well, you need to start your day well!

This is scenario one

You wake up, pick up your smart phone and start checking emails.  You’re excited to see who’s liked your recent Facebook posts and what’s going on with Twitter?  Your brain has to go from a quiet sleep state, right out into the raging world of the web.

That’s like a wind storm whipping up in the mind, pulling it here and there and creating chaos.

You then go and grab a coffee which creates ‘alert’ in the mind even more.

You’ve started your day with your brain dashing here and there online.  You’re hardly taking a deep breath.  When you finally arrive at the end of your day you’re just wound up.  In the evening, whilst organising dinner, you’re checking email and internally reacting to your messages.

You eat dinner late, have a few glasses of wine, and check messages before bed.

Now you’re wondering why you’re tossing and turning and can’t sleep

Living your life like this means your body and mind are in ‘reaction’ mode 24/7.

If you’re prone to insomnia, and about 30% of the population are, then you’ll never sleep well while you’re doing that.

Now imagine scenario two

You wake up just before the sunrise, make yourself a herbal tea, sit and drink it without doing anything else, just drinking the tea and ‘being’. You roll out your yoga mat and commune with the spirit meditating for 15 mins.

Then you stretch your body with a few sun salutations and other poses to open up the energy channels and prepare your body for the day.  Finally, you take 10 minutes for some deep breathing to bring in fresh life force energy and top it off sitting in silence for another 5 minutes.

You emerge out of your practice and make yourself a fresh juice and jump in the shower. You’ve given your digestive system time to wake up and it’s ready for a healthy breakfast.

Starting the day like this means you’re coming from a place balance.

Imagine how much more likely it is that you’ll be in touch with your inner wisdom and creativity, and how much more effective you’ll be in your day.

If you start your day like that, you’ll finish your day better and in a much calmer state.  If you then have a light supper and turn all technology off by at least 8pm you set the scene for the evening wind down.

Going to bed by about 10pm and sitting quietly for 10 minutes following your breath will complete the day perfectly and prepare you for sleep.

You’re much more likely to sleep better if you give yourself a chance by topping and tailing the day with peace and tranquillity regardless of what’s going on in the day.