Can't sleep? Exhausted? Can't focus?

Worried about the long term affects of sleep deprivation on your health?

I know personally what it’s like to suffer from insomnia night after night, month after month, year after year.

Being a business owner myself, I am fully aware of how lack of sleep ruins your creativity, affects your relationships and has serious effects on your health, so I have huge empathy with you.

Drugs are often the only thing being recommended by professionals for insomnia, but I know that you can heal insomnia using balance. I’ve done it myself, and I’m teaching my clients to do the same.  Using tools to calm the mind, physical cleansing techniques and nutrition, in the right order, you can overcome your insomnia.

This retreat is designed to give you the respite you need and time to learn new rituals and lifestyle practices that will make sure you sleep at night.  If you sleep at night, you’ll be able to enjoy your life, be productive and creative at work and in your business.


Now picture yourself in a magical place

Somewhere that’s truly peaceful.

Cut off from the demands of your frenetic life in a luxurious Tuscan Villa.

Imagine not having to think about a thing.  Every detail is meticulously planned for you.  All you’ve had to do is show up, be present and enjoy it.

You’re being deeply immersed in the ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda learning how to take better care of yourself.

As the stress slips away, you start to feel brighter and more inspired about life.

Experience the bliss of being in a peaceful and secluded place.

Imagine feeling soothed by the practice of yoga and journeying inwards towards your soul.



You’re feeling great.

As you sip a refreshing cup of ginger, honey and lemon tea overlooking the Tuscan hills, you feel a deep sense of calm swirling within you.

Imagine drifting to breakfast in nourishing silence after the early morning yoga practice.

You’re feeling a new inner calm.

Your head feels clearer as you recover from stress and sleep deprivation.

As you eat lunch, you feel the healthy food, cooked by our very own chef, nourishing every cell of your being.






















Maybe you're feeling

Flummoxed over what you can do to sleep better?

No worries, you’ll know why you’re not sleeping well by the end of this retreat and what to do.

Like you don’t have the energy to even get through the day, let alone be productive in your life?

According to Ayurveda being well is about being vital, healthy and energetic, it doesn’t accept purely the lack of disease.  We’ll lay out a plan that you can take home and implement straight away.

Worried that the lack of sleep and exhaustion is affecting the way you look?

Looking good is more than makeup, it’s a vital essence that radiates from within.  You’ll have everyone at home wondering what you’ve been doing to look so good!

Desperate for some respite from stress?

This retreat is designed to nourish you from inside out so you go home completely refreshed.

Sleep Retreat in Tuscany

10th-15th September 2018

Yes please, I’d love to book

My promise to you


By the end of this retreat through an experiential practice of Ayurvedic rejuvenation:

You’ll float home looking and feeling refreshed, and completely relaxed.

You’ll learn how to eat for your constitution, together with special breathing techniques and yoga practices all designed to bring you back into balance and help you sleep well.

You’ll be empowered to take control of your personal wellbeing.


You’ll go home with a plan

You’ll go home with a personally crafted three month programme that will give you step by step, day by day instructions on lifestyle, food, yoga, breath work and meditation that will transform the quality of your sleep and wellbeing.

Your plan will give you step by step, day by day instructions on lifestyle, food, yoga, breath work and meditation that will revolutionize your sleep and wellbeing.


The Cuisine

Our very own chef

Anandi’s chef, Samuele, will be bringing you delicious nutritious meals.

You’ll experience beautifully presented, freshly prepared healthy vegetarian food with a Tuscan edge.

Samuele will prepare delicious dairy and gluten free dishes, for those who require it, without compromising on the flavours or nutritional value of the food.

There will be strictly no sugar or white flour.

Using the principles of Ayurveda, meals at Villa Verde will truly nourish the soul.

Ayurveda with a Tuscan edge

Enjoy fresh Italian herbs like oregano and basil to add that Italian fragrance to the food.

Food will be in season and where possible bought from local organic farmers.

We won’t be serving ordinary olive oil at Villa Verde!

Our oil is organic and full of Tuscan life force energy, free for you to drizzle in abundance over your meals.  It’s so good for nearly everything!

Our beautiful candlelit dinners will be accompanied by wonderful Italian organic wine.  The wines will be  sourced specifically for the retreat by our very own sommelier.

Sleep Retreat in Tuscany

10th-15th September 2018

Yes please, I’d love to book now

About Villa Verde

Villa Verde is an oasis of peace

Villa Verde will be your home for 5 nights set in a backdrop of olive groves and vineyards in the Chianti area of Tuscany in its own stunning grounds.

It’s the perfect backdrop for La Dolce Vita Anandi style situated just above a quaint medieval village called Montegonzi.

Its jaw-dropping views of the vibrant Tuscan landscapes will melt your stress away.

Poolside at Villa Verde imagine closing your eyes and breathing the fresh air, enjoying a freshly made juice.


The spaciousness of the villa

Villa Verde has a spacious presence about it.

With plenty of outside space to walk and contemplate or sit by the pool enjoying the view, you’ll feel the fresh clean mountain air clear your head.

You can see what seems like the entire Tuscany countryside from the garden.

Each bedroom has its own authentic Tuscan style interior with bold colours, fireplace and terracotta floors.

You’ll love the private Jacuzzi bath or hydro shower!

The Delights

Be prepared to shed a skin

Not literally, but by letting go of the stress and exhaustion that’s stored in your body, you’ll feel lighter.  Working with special breathing exercises (pranayama) you’ll feel the nourishing and detoxifying benefits of the breath.

You’ll learn how to breathe in a way you’ve never breathed before bringing a new vitality.

Learning how to use food as medicine the Ayurvedic way will help you gain the nutrition you need to help you look and feel amazing.



A more balanced you

If you’ve tried meditation and feel like a meditation moron, you’re in the right place! On this retreat you’ll learn how to meditate and maintain a practice.

No flexibility required for yoga on this retreat.

Yoga is the sister science of Ayurveda. We’ll be using it as it’s intended to be used, a healing tool, not a body beautiful workout…although, of course, the side affects of regular yoga is a healthier body for sure.

You’re unique

You’re going to find out that you’re unique on this retreat.  Everyone is different with individual lifestyle needs to stay healthy and sleep well.

I know it’s tempting to resort to drugs when you’re not sleeping or feeling down. Once you know what your own personal needs are, you’ll be able to heal yourself naturally.

When you bring yourself back into balance you’ll sleep and feel better.


Sleep Retreat in Tuscany

10th-15th September 2018

yes please, I’m definitely coming. Book me now



So what can YOU expect if you spend 4 nourishing days (and 5 nights) on an exquisitely luxurious retreat at Villa Verde in Tuscany?

To go home feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

To feel inspired to be productive again.

To go home with tools to manage stress and sleep issues.

To have better relationships.

Be less reactive.

To fill up your own love tank!

Would THAT be worth coming to Tuscany for?  I think so!

After the retreat we’ll continue the follow up in a dedicated Facebook Group so we can make sure you stay on track instead of falling off the wagon!

**This will guarantee you have all the post-retreat follow-up assistance necessary to implement the changes you need to sleep well, feel and look amazing.

Together we can focus on:

  • Your personal constitution
  • Advanced breathing techniques to promote lasting wellbeing
  • Overcoming insomnia
  • Meditation techniques that are easy to learn if you’re a complete beginner or have struggled to meditate in the past
  • Tools to manage life’s challenges
  • Ayurvedic food as medicine
  • You, you, you
























What others say

Denise Budworth

This retreat has surpassed all my expectations. I’m a much happier person taking much more care of myself

Mandy Deakin Snell

I’ve been to many of Anandi’s retreats, but this was the best yet. I’ve learned so much about the benefits of Ayurveda and I can take home some great tips and advice for better well being and sleep

Antonia Skelton

I feel renewed, changed and great. I’m SO glad I came – I have been raving about it to everyone since I got back. It’s an incredibly special experience. Anandi is an amazing teacher. The programme is incredibly well thought out and takes us on a journey. Loved the daily theme!

Lesley Davies

Beautiful and enriching and life changing. The workshops were excellent and fascinating. Definitely exceeded all my expectations and I am so glad I came.

Lesley Davies

You made it such a special experience for us all Anandi - I learnt so much and understand so much more about achieving balance and well being in my life. You made it all so authentic, natural, spiritual and moving. And such Fun! I really don't know how to say thank you except to say that I feel so happy, relaxed and full of energy and optimism now, and that's down to you!

Tina Burton

Amazing, possibly life changing experience. I gained a wealth of knowledge from Anandi that I can take away with me and implement into my daily life at home. A positive and enjoyable 5 days

Jane Corani

Anandi is a very spiritual lady and has a way of teaching that encompasses everything. A truly special experience and journey that I intend to continue. I came for peace and tranquillity and Anandi’s amazing workshops and meditations replenish my soul. It has been simply beautiful. Thank you!”

Katie Foster

All in all fabulous. Anandi manages to combine extensive knowledge, skilful teaching techniques with a warm and empathic management of ‘everything’. Her generosity of spirit towards the whole group was remarkable

Kaisha Margaret Turner

Thank you so very, very much for the greatest opportunity to experience this very special time with you all, in such a caring nurturing environment, it was all so beautifully planned, full of life supporting information spent amongst like minded souls in peace and tranquility. You are the most magnificent facilitator, Please put me down for the next one! I really had a breakthrough with the Ayurvedic system, well in fact several breakthroughs! A truly five star experience.

Sharon McLaughlin

A great experience, I’ll definitely be back for more

Maria Locke

Thank you Anandi, I’ve come back to my real self and motivated to make the changes I need

Margaret Mackie

“Just superb. Anandi is so gifted in this and so giving of her time in all ways. It differs from other retreats in that it is so so unique and also intimate because of small numbers which allowed us to really get to know each other and also have a good laugh. I know what I need to work on for better sleep and I am definitely on track”

Tina Fotherby

“The retreat is an experience like no other. It was a relaxing yet action packed 5 days of physical and mental coaching in the vast field of yoga. My mind has expanded as well as feeling chilled, I am armed with exercises to use when I get home. Anandi is a very generous and giving individual and gave special attention to everyone in our group. It’s been completely perfect. Namaste”


“I have been to a number of Anandi’s retreats and will keep coming to them because they are such a refreshing escape from the demands of a busy life. Anandi is a fantastic yoga master and sleep expert and I would highly recommend any of her retreats just to experience the quality of time for yourself in the presence of a wonderful teacher”

Linda Heagerty

“Absolutely lovely and exceeded my expectations”

Jane Famous

“Enlightening, informative, restorative and inspirational”

Keeley Poore

“A magical place ambience and location. Perfect setting for a teaching focused on breathing. No-one could possible not feel tranquil and relaxed in this most eco friendly ‘switch off’ from the world. Namaste, I’ll be back”



Before you even arrive at your Dolce Vita Anandi style retreat

You’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group as soon as you register so you can get to know your retreat companions, ask questions and share in the pre-trip excitement.  What’s even better is that when you get home after the retreat, you can keep in touch with everyone, share pictures, swap stories and keep everyone in the loop with your triumphs and challenges.

One to one session with Anandi

You’ll be able to discuss your personal constitution so that you’re crystal clear about your path to better sleep and vitality.

One to one yoga clinic session with Amy Wadman

Choose a couple of poses you’re struggling with and Amy will take you through step by step so that you can perform your practice safely.

6 monthly live online group coaching classes

It’s all to easy to let things slip when you get home.  These 6 monthly classes will help keep you motivated and on track.

Sleep Retreat in Tuscany

10th-15th September 2018

Yes, I’m so ready book me in please

What's included

5 nights at the sumptuous Villa Verde in a private room with your own jacuzzi or hydro shower

All workshops led by Anandi

Supporting workshop material

One to one yoga clinic with Amy Wadman

6 monthly live group coaching sessions

All meals prepared by our very own chef

All beverages including our special organic wines

Transport from and to Pisa airport




What’s not included

Your round trip airfare and other travel from home

Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


You must arrive at Pisa Airport on Monday Sept 10th by 1pm.  The retreat transport will be leaving at 1.30pm. If you are not arriving in time to be on the retreat transport provided we can help you arrange your own taxi to Villa Verde (at your cost).

If you want to come earlier or stay later Amy, who’s day job is a travel planner extraordinaire ( can arrange a personal itinerary for you and design something fabulous as well as make sure you actually end up at the right place at the right time! 

Sleep Retreat in Tuscany

10th-15th September 2018

Yes please, I’m absolutely coming


Your host

I’ve been passionate about natural healing ever since my twenties when I was a fitness instructor.  As the years rolled on, I realised that I didn’t need to pound the streets, or lift weights in the gym to be healthy, what I needed was balance.  I found that balance through yoga, breathing and Ayurveda.  In fact, it changed my life.

I went from a seasoned insomniac to someone who sleeps normally and feels amazing most of the time using the tools I’m teaching now.

Many people asked me about how I used the breath to take away the prison of insomnia, so I decided to write a book which I’ve recently published, ‘Breathe Better, Sleep Better’.  I wanted to share one of the most important lessons I learned about life through the breath.  The more you try to control the breath, the more you restrict the breath. You get less not more.  That applies to life too.  In order to be healthy and sleep well, you need more space, less control and to be more present.

One of the fundamental reasons I started running retreats was because I realised that people needed the space and time to let go of the stress they accumulate through sleep deprivation and over work.  It’s very difficult to do it alone and it becomes too tempting to turn to drugs for respite from sleeplessness.

I believe that health and good sleep is possible when you are in balance.  You don’t need drugs. The only way to achieve balance is to learn how to make the right lifestyle choices and rituals that keep you healthy.

Currently, I’ve been developing a special five step process for sleep and wellbeing transformation using the principles of Ayurveda which I share on my retreats.  Another book is brewing!

My professional credentials are:

Ayurveda Practitioner, approved by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

NLP instructor and hypnotherapist

Chopra-certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

Registered Senior Yoga Teacher (Approved by The Yoga Alliance)

Mentee of the late Georg Feuerstein for one year

Graduate of 800hrs diploma in yoga history and philosophy with Georg Feuerstein

Akhanda Yoga Teacher Trainer

Author Breathe Better, Sleep Better


Amy Wadman

Guest Facilitator

Born in Colorado, Amy relocated to Tuscany in 1988 and has been living in Italy for nearly 30 years. Amy is both bilingual and bicultural, which makes her uniquely qualified to share her knowledge with people who are seeking a deeper understanding of the Italian lifestyle.

Amy’s particularly passionate about Italy’s wines and holds a Sommelier degree with the Italian Association of Sommeliers and an Advanced Certificate in Wine & Spirits from WSET London. Her company, a travel company specializes in custom itineraries and gourmet tours throughout Italy.

Amy has her own organic farm Costa Digiano in the quiet Le Marche, where she produces extra virgin olive oil, keeps bees and tends to an organic vegetable garden, 2 wonderful horses and an array of other farm critters.
Amy’s yoga journey began in 1996. She has been a dedicated student of Anandi and Akhanda Yoga for 8 years and has had the great fortune of apprenticing with Anandi in a one-on-one 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Akhanda Yoga teacher training.

Sleep Retreat in Tuscany

10th-15th September 2018

Yes please, I’m definitely coming! Book me in

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