the sleep strategy session

If sleep is a problem for you, you’re in the right place.

Tired of counting sheep and craving life’s rejuvenating force – a restful night’s sleep? Introducing the Sleep Strategy Session, where finding your way back to dreamland isn’t just a wish, it’s a science.

Led by renowned Ayurvedic sleep specialist Alison, each session is not an off-the-shelf booklet of sleep tips, but a carefully crafted study of your life, concerns, and routines tailored to engineer the much-needed z’s back into your life.

The proven path

to improved sleep

With over 35 years experience in the wellbeing field and 10 years of that dedicated to sleep, Alison’s Sleep Strategy Session gets straight to the heart of sleep issues with a 1.5-hour personalised consultation.

This in-depth chat doesn’t just skim the surface; it untangles the web of lifestyle factors that may be ensnaring your sleep. A detailed strategy report follows, providing you with expert-curated solutions, ensuring you don’t just discover your path back to sleep – you walk it, every night.

Your smooth transition

to dreamland


There’s more at play when the night falls than counting permissible screen hours or the right blend of chamomile in your evening cup. The Sleep Strategy Session acknowledges this by crafting a bespoke plan encompassing your daily habits, stressors, and physiological rhythms.

This comprehensive approach doesn’t just view sleep as a nightly act – it’s a 24-hour strategy to harmonise your life with your need for restful slumber.

A Tailor-Made Sleep Plan

Consistency, Delivered

Variability in sleep issues is the rule, not the exception. What helps one may hinder another. The Sleep Strategy Session understands this, tailoring interventions that resonate with you.

Whether it’s a robust sleep hygiene curriculum, stress reduction techniques, or physical activity suggestions, your holistic plan is built on your unique relationship with sleep.

The strategy report isn’t a parting gift after the consultation; it’s a commitment to consistent care for your sleep health.

A thorough 1-hour review ensures you’re well-equipped and motivated to implement the changes that lead to better sleep.

Talk to Alison about a

Sleep Strategy Session

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Claire Uttne

You have done so much to bring balance and harmony.  I unquestionably get more sleep during the course of each week now - and even when I wake in the early hours, you have given me the resources to find an inner peace that has alluded me for so long.  Thank you

Charlotte Watkins

Alison was really warm and has a good insight into sleep problems. The report she creates is in depth and reflective of you as an individual and brings with it beneficial recommendations. I would highly recommend working with Anandi

Debbie Lythe

Alison was dedicated in helping me and had the depth of knowledge, understanding and patience to guide me through the course was which fascinating, enjoyable and successful. I now go to bed without anxiety and sleep throughout the night every night. It is a revelation and I cannot recommend this course enough. Alison is a true expert in her field – if you have sleep issues that need resolving you should definitely do this course. With all my heart thank you!

Keeley Poore

These programmes Alison has designed and conducts is nothing short of miraculous if followed with her guidance. A weekly session keeps you on track, she makes it so very easy to understand - it's so logical, immensely informative and most of all - it works! Her understanding of breath work and it's power should be a national programme of education.

Dale Darley

Anyone who is having trouble sleeping, please talk with Anandi. It’s never just about the nighttime. There are so many factors affecting our sleep, and she is a master at uncovering the deeper reasons

Anil Kumar


I worked with Alison and have the say that the results have been phenomenal. I feel better just through and through and have more energy than ever: prior to meeting Alison I had an erratic sleep pattern and always felt I was chasing my tail trying to stay on top of things. Now I feel I have a sense of calm and structure to my daily routine - thanks!

James Rogerson

I came to Alison for advice after struggling with severe insomnia for over 15 years. I had been a teacher for most of this time dealing with high levels of stress and developed anxiety and poor sleep patterns. My sleeping had got so bad that I had got to the point where I was relying on taking sleeping pills most nights of the week.Over the years I had tried various other treatments: hypnosis, acupuncture, counselling and other sleep programmes. Sometimes these might have worked in the short term but I never really felt I was able to overcome the problems I had with sleep.Alison has taught and encouraged me to discover how I can change my daily habits to enable me to take back control of my sleep. Once I followed her programme of what to do I could soon feel myself changing for the better. I am incredibly grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with similar issues around anxiety and sleep disorders such as I have had.


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