Sleepology Yoga Classes

Sleepology Yoga classes work on the mind principle of the Sleepology Methodology to create inner stillness and emotional wellbeing.

The classes are designed to release stress and nourish the nervous system.

When the whole being is brought back into harmony you’ll feel and sleep better, be more focused and joyful.

The components of Sleepology Yoga are breath, movement and inner stillness.

“Anandi is so giving of her time inside and outside of the workshops.  She created immediately a welcoming, informal and safe place so I could instantly relax and open up to this incredibly supportive experience”  Jane Famous

“Beautiful and enriching and life changing.  The workshops were excellent and fascinating.  Definitely exceeded all my expectations” Lesley Davies

Breath, Movement, Inner Stillness

Sleepology Yoga Classes




The very first step to expanding the breath is making space for the breath.  Anandi has designed specific exercises that open and free the breath.

She uses specific breathing techniques to balance the mental and physical body.


Breath centred movement and grounding principles aimed at bringing the consciousness inwards to inner stillness

Anandi combines the expansion of the breath with movement to facilitate the breathing experience.

 Inner Stillness

Sleepology Yoga is designed to ground you.

Anandi’s techniques enable you to be quieter for longer periods of time so that you can take peacefulness into your daily life

Techniques include sound, mantras and meditation

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Sleepology Yoga Classes

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