Sound Therapy

Tuesday 8th May 2018, Rose & Crown Hotel, Salisbury 6-9pm

Anandi will guide you through a practice called Hatha Raja. Using a sequence of simple yoga postures practiced in a slow and mindful way in conjunction with the sonorous Brahmaree pranayama.

The intension of this class is to lengthen the exhale which deeply relaxes the nervous system. This practice also releases negative emotions and balances serotonin. It’s a wonderful practice for anyone suffering from insomnia and stress. After the practice you’ll feel peaceful with a deeper sense of inner awareness and presence.

What you will learn:-

  • The power of sound and mantra
  • How to lengthen the breath
  • How to bring yourself to a place of deep stillness

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who has an overactive mind
  • Anyone suffering from insomnia
  • Those suffering from the stress of a busy life

Workshop ticket price £47.50

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