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Six Senses, Kaplankaya, Turkey 20-24th September 2024


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Sleep Optimisation Retreat

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Retreat Seminar, Le Marche, Italy

Retreat Seminar, Le Marche, Italy

Rejuvenate Revitalise Learn. Rejuvenation learning experience



Alison speaks on a number of subjects related to breath, sleep and resilience.

What others say about the retreats

Denise Budworth

This retreat has surpassed all my expectations. I’m a much happier person taking much more care of myself

Mandy Deakin Snell

I’ve been to many of Anandi’s retreats, but this was the best yet. I’ve learned so much about the benefits of Ayurveda and I can take home some great tips and advice for better well being and sleep

Antonia Skelton

I feel renewed, changed and great. I’m SO glad I came – I have been raving about it to everyone since I got back. It’s an incredibly special experience. Anandi is an amazing teacher. The programme is incredibly well thought out and takes us on a journey. Loved the daily theme!

Lesley Davies

Beautiful and enriching and life changing. The workshops were excellent and fascinating. Definitely exceeded all my expectations and I am so glad I came.

Lesley Davies

You made it such a special experience for us all Anandi - I learnt so much and understand so much more about achieving balance and well being in my life. You made it all so authentic, natural, spiritual and moving. And such Fun! I really don't know how to say thank you except to say that I feel so happy, relaxed and full of energy and optimism now, and that's down to you!

Tina Burton

Amazing, possibly life changing experience. I gained a wealth of knowledge from Anandi that I can take away with me and implement into my daily life at home. A positive and enjoyable 5 days

Jane Corani

Anandi is a very spiritual lady and has a way of teaching that encompasses everything. A truly special experience and journey that I intend to continue. I came for peace and tranquillity and Anandi’s amazing workshops and meditations replenish my soul. It has been simply beautiful. Thank you!”

Katie Foster

All in all fabulous. Anandi manages to combine extensive knowledge, skilful teaching techniques with a warm and empathic management of ‘everything’. Her generosity of spirit towards the whole group was remarkable

Kaisha Margaret Turner

Thank you so very, very much for the greatest opportunity to experience this very special time with you all, in such a caring nurturing environment, it was all so beautifully planned, full of life supporting information spent amongst like minded souls in peace and tranquility. You are the most magnificent facilitator, Please put me down for the next one! I really had a breakthrough with the Ayurvedic system, well in fact several breakthroughs! A truly five star experience.

Sharon McLaughlin

A great experience, I’ll definitely be back for more

Maria Locke

Thank you Anandi, I’ve come back to my real self and motivated to make the changes I need

Margaret Mackie

“Just superb. Anandi is so gifted in this and so giving of her time in all ways. It differs from other retreats in that it is so so unique and also intimate because of small numbers which allowed us to really get to know each other and also have a good laugh. I know what I need to work on for better sleep and I am definitely on track”

Tina Fotherby

“The retreat is an experience like no other. It was a relaxing yet action packed 5 days of physical and mental coaching in the vast field of yoga. My mind has expanded as well as feeling chilled, I am armed with exercises to use when I get home. Anandi is a very generous and giving individual and gave special attention to everyone in our group. It’s been completely perfect. Namaste”


“I have been to a number of Anandi’s retreats and will keep coming to them because they are such a refreshing escape from the demands of a busy life. Anandi is a fantastic yoga master and sleep expert and I would highly recommend any of her retreats just to experience the quality of time for yourself in the presence of a wonderful teacher”

Linda Heagerty

“Absolutely lovely and exceeded my expectations”

Jane Famous

“Enlightening, informative, restorative and inspirational”

Keeley Poore

“A magical place ambience and location. Perfect setting for a teaching focused on breathing. No-one could possible not feel tranquil and relaxed in this most eco friendly ‘switch off’ from the world. Namaste, I’ll be back”

Shahara Jagrati Mattingly

Founder / Delicious Awakening

Anandi is a fabulous yoga teacher. Her patient energy infused with her gentle, soothing voice made it easy to relax. Her knowledge and expertise of anasa and pranayama as well as yogic philosophy made her classes more personal and informative than most. She is a master teacher and wonderfully compassionate spirit.

Sabrina Ramcharan “


Maria Locke

I love the structure of the retreat

Jane Famous

Anandi is so giving of her time inside and outside of the workshops. She created immediately a welcoming, informal and safe place so I could instantly relax and open up to this incredibly supportive experience

Jane Eggington

This is the most impressive retreats I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot. It’s four retreats in one: yoga, Ayurveda, sleep, philosophy and lifestyle. Such deep wisdom and knowledge with such an incredible amount of love. It’s life changing for everyone or anyone who wants to improve and transform their waking life and anyone who wants to improve their sleep. I loved, loved, loved it

Keeley Poore

The most authentic experience humanly possible

Sarah Webb

I loved the retreat, it touched so many things. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I feel rested and rejuvenated. Anandi put so much effort and such attention to detail

Talia Gale

Anandi’s retreat has provided me with an overview of Ayurveda and has given me the enthusiasm to practice yoga. It has opened up a new part of my mind and helped me to become more balanced and grounded.

Judy Boyce


I left Anandi’s retreat able to breathe more deeply and relax more fully as a result. I know that it will help me sleep better. Along with the practices I learned at this beautiful retreat, I highly recommend Anandi’s teaching to anyone anywhere

Curated personally by Alison Francis

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What others say about

Claire Uttne

You have done so much to bring balance and harmony.  I unquestionably get more sleep during the course of each week now - and even when I wake in the early hours, you have given me the resources to find an inner peace that has alluded me for so long.  Thank you

Charlotte Watkins

Alison was really warm and has a good insight into sleep problems. The report she creates is in depth and reflective of you as an individual and brings with it beneficial recommendations. I would highly recommend working with Anandi

Debbie Lythe

Alison was dedicated in helping me and had the depth of knowledge, understanding and patience to guide me through the course was which fascinating, enjoyable and successful. I now go to bed without anxiety and sleep throughout the night every night. It is a revelation and I cannot recommend this course enough. Alison is a true expert in her field – if you have sleep issues that need resolving you should definitely do this course. With all my heart thank you!

Keeley Poore

These programmes Alison has designed and conducts is nothing short of miraculous if followed with her guidance. A weekly session keeps you on track, she makes it so very easy to understand - it's so logical, immensely informative and most of all - it works! Her understanding of breath work and it's power should be a national programme of education.

Dale Darley

Anyone who is having trouble sleeping, please talk with Anandi. It’s never just about the nighttime. There are so many factors affecting our sleep, and she is a master at uncovering the deeper reasons

Anil Kumar


I worked with Alison and have the say that the results have been phenomenal. I feel better just through and through and have more energy than ever: prior to meeting Alison I had an erratic sleep pattern and always felt I was chasing my tail trying to stay on top of things. Now I feel I have a sense of calm and structure to my daily routine - thanks!

James Rogerson

I came to Alison for advice after struggling with severe insomnia for over 15 years. I had been a teacher for most of this time dealing with high levels of stress and developed anxiety and poor sleep patterns. My sleeping had got so bad that I had got to the point where I was relying on taking sleeping pills most nights of the week.Over the years I had tried various other treatments: hypnosis, acupuncture, counselling and other sleep programmes. Sometimes these might have worked in the short term but I never really felt I was able to overcome the problems I had with sleep.Alison has taught and encouraged me to discover how I can change my daily habits to enable me to take back control of my sleep. Once I followed her programme of what to do I could soon feel myself changing for the better. I am incredibly grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with similar issues around anxiety and sleep disorders such as I have had.

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