When you are not sleeping, you are not breathing
When you are not breathing, you are not sleeping

Anandi, The Sleep Guru

Welcome, from Anandi, The Sleep Guru

My mission in life is to help everyone enjoy a sound night’s sleep – without the need for sleeping aids.  I know it’s possible to overcome insomnia and sleep deprivation without resorting to sleeping pills.  Sleep is a question of balance and I believe that bringing your life into balance is the first step towards healthy profound sleep.

You will find a variety of tools here to help:

  • Information and online meditation course
  • Information on an Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • How yoga sleep can help create a healthy sleep rhythm
  • Specific practices for bedtime
  • Useful information on all things sleep

What my clients say

We sold our company last year and I was looking forward very much to a slower less frantic way of life.  The lifestyle changed successfully except that I simply couldn’t switch my mind off after so many years of running the business.  I started taking yoga with Anandi, it was so special, very spiritual and to my amazement, with her teaching, I found the inner peace and tranquillity that had eluded me for years.   It has been life changing.
Jane Corani

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