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In just a short while as a student of Anandi I’ve experienced a revolution in my practice and a deepening in understanding of the meaning of the path of Yoga, beyond what I had previously ventured to imagine. Anandi’s classes are complete and utterly positive and empowering, combining asana with meditation, mantra, prana and learning philosophies and practices of Yoga. More than yoga classes, I would define Anandi’s yoga as a journey, which has an all encompassing effect on my life. Not only have I experienced my practice deepening and improving, but I’ve felt its effects on the scope of my life outside of class, helping me find a more peaceful and healthy relationship with work, family and the challenges of every day life.
Amy Wadman

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How to lengthen and deepen your breath

In order to get more breath you have ‘to do’ less.

Learning to surrender and trust the breath is fundamental to breath training.  It’s almost as if the breath breathes you, rather than you breathing the breath. […]

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The power of silence

Never under estimate the power of spending time in silence.

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How does Ayurveda work?

Ayurveda’s foundation lies in the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and space. […]

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How do you use your time

Anandi shares her thoughts about making the best use of time and how yoga fits into it all!

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Anandi's sleep insights in Neom Organics summer magazine 2014

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