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After a very full on week, I was in a frantic space!  Having the opportunity to slow down and centre myself through essential focus on breathing has literally rendered me a new person!  I feel totally different peaceful, calm and positive!
Natasha Green

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Ayurvedic food therapy for well being and better sleep

My basic message to most people who can’t sleep is balance. This balance is brought about by many different aspects of one’s life. For example bringing the physical being back into balance with foods and herbs, […]

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How to nourish yourself in a weekend

“From rejuvenation (rasayana) arises longevity, good memory, wisdom, health, youth, lustrous complexion, excellence of voice, strength of the body and senses of the highest order, power of speech, respect and beauty” Charak Samhita Chikitsathana 1.7-8

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Don’t call it yoga!

I was a bit shocked when I read in a health and wellness magazine that someone in New York had created a ‘new’ yoga, quoting that ‘yoga is not sitting around omming’. […]

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How do you use your time

Anandi shares her thoughts about making the best use of time and how yoga fits into it all!

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Anandi's sleep insights in Neom Organics summer magazine 2014

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Getting your beauty sleep...Anandi explains how important sleep is for the health of your skin.