When you are not sleeping, you are not breathing
When you are not breathing, you are not sleeping

Anandi, The Sleep Guru

Welcome, from Anandi, The Sleep Guru

My mission in life is to help everyone enjoy a sound night’s sleep – without the need for sleeping aids.  I know it’s possible to overcome insomnia and sleep deprivation without resorting to sleeping pills.  Sleep is a question of balance and I believe that bringing your life into balance is the first step towards healthy profound sleep.

You will find a variety of tools here to help:

  • Information and online meditation course
  • Information on an Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • How yoga sleep can help create a healthy sleep rhythm
  • Specific practices for bedtime
  • Useful information on all things sleep

What my clients say

Very relaxing and positive experience.  I’ happy to have learnt these techniques and will practise them at home.  Great introduction to yoga and meditation.  Thank you Anandi 
Klaudia Orr

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A little discipline!

How organised and disciplined are you? Do you find you’re really good at making “to-do” lists, but not so good at actually ticking things off it? Always chasing your tail, and finding it impossible to fit anything else at all into your day?

Perhaps you think something like a five-minute meditation at each end of your day can’t possibly make any difference?

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The Power of Mantra

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Mantra yoga is probably as old as yoga itself, and since we’re still doing it all these years later there must be something in it! […]

  • Chocolate smoothie

Sweet dreams! Your tryptophan hit

I happened to be at a friends the other day staying over night and she produced her version of bedtime cocoa. I loved it so much, I thought I would share!!! It’s a great tryptophan hit and full of amazing goodness for a blissful nights sleep.

Tryptophan, by the way, is an essential amino acid that your body needs to produce serotonin and melatonin.  Serotonin is the mood regulator and produces melatonin which regulates sleep.  You have to eat tryptophan as your body cannot produce it, what better way to get that than with a bit of added chocolate! […]

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