When you are not sleeping, you are not breathing
When you are not breathing, you are not sleeping

Anandi, The Sleep Guru

Welcome, from Anandi, The Sleep Guru

My mission in life is to help everyone enjoy a sound night’s sleep – without the need for sleeping aids.  I know it’s possible to overcome insomnia and sleep deprivation without resorting to sleeping pills.  Sleep is a question of balance and I believe that bringing your life into balance is the first step towards healthy profound sleep.

You will find a variety of tools here to help:

  • Information and online meditation course
  • Information on an Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • How yoga sleep can help create a healthy sleep rhythm
  • Specific practices for bedtime
  • Useful information on all things sleep

What my clients say

Beautifully planned session.  About the right length to give you an insight into a practise which I could find of great use.  Thank you.
Rosetta Ferrari

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I’ve been reading lately about the concept of a “second sleep.” There’s a professor at Virginia University in the United States called Professor Roger Ekirch who has spent the last twenty years studying the historical practice of sleeping in two distinct segments, with a period of wakefulness in between. He has found hundreds of mentions of “second sleep” during his research; all of them mention it as if it is just a normal part of life and not out of the ordinary at all. […]

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I’ve written posts before about using alternative therapies to overcome sleep issues and stress, but there’s something else that can be really helpful in overcoming illness and stressful situations… and it’s not something you would normally think of as an “alternative therapy.” Nevertheless, this is a practice that has been scientifically proven to help in all manner of illnesses, and is an excellent reliever of stress. And best of all, it’s entirely free! […]

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