Exhausted? Can’t sleep?

And did you know that stress related diseases like insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders and depression account for about 60 to 70% of patients that fill up our doctor’s waiting rooms?

It’s true and very worrying!

I suffered from insomnia and sleep deprivation for many years.  I just didn’t know how to get through the day.  Unfortunately, I did not know about Yoga Sleep in those days.  I would drag myself from the morning to the evening feeling like nothing on earth.  Then to make matters worse, I couldn’t sleep.  The following day, I had to do the whole thing again.  Does that sound familiar to you?

When I was introduced to Yoga Sleep (Yoga Nidra in Sanskrit), it was like a gift from the gods.  I started to do this practice daily and I can honestly say that it has transformed my life.  You know what it feels like when it’s 4pm in the afternoon and you have the whole evening to get through, and have no idea how?

Complete guided yoga sleep audio


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Yoga Nidra Intro from Anandi on Vimeo

I recommend you add a dose of tranquility to your life with Yoga Sleep and get the conscious mental and physical rest you need.

By making a few lifestyle changes, you can absolutely reduce stress and in particular improve your sleep patterns.

Yoga Sleep changed my ability to cope

If you can find 30 minutes to do this practice, I promise it will give you a new lease of life.  Equally, if you have not slept very well and find yourself awake at a ridiculous hour in the morning, Yoga Sleep will help you through your day.

I’m not going to tell you that if you do this once, it will cure your insomnia.

But what I can tell you is that if you use this as part of your regular bedtime practice, it will quieten down your nervous system so that you can get better quality sleep.

I’m sure you have heard about all sorts of magic cures, apps and therapies if you are along time sufferer like I was.  But if you truly suffer from bad quality sleep, you need a number of things, not just one thing.  One them is to quieten down your nervous system, and this is where Yoga Sleep comes in.

When I was introduced to Yoga Sleep (Yoga Nidra in Sanskrit), it was like a gift from the gods.  I started to do this practice daily and I can honestly say that it has transformed my life.  You know what it feels like when it’s 4pm in the afternoon and you have the whole evening to get through, and have no idea how?

What is yoga sleep?

Yoga Sleep or Yoga Nidra in Sanskrit is a soothing guided meditation type practice designed take you into a deeply relaxed state.  It calms your emotions and creates a deep sense of inner tranquility.

Regular practice of Yoga sleep will:

  • Promote deeper more restful sleep
  • Help lower your blood pressure
  • Deeply relax the mind and body
  • Help regulate serotonin levels
  • Improve your memory and concentration
  • Ease headaches
  • Help relieve jet lag

Who is Yoga Sleep for?

Yoga Sleep is for anyone suffering from insomnia, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety.

Think of it as portable tranquility. When you are feeling in overwhelm and wondering how you are going to get through your week, practice Yoga sleep as a kind of sleep supplement.

Yoga sleep is a downloadable audio that you can put on your iphone or ipod and use to create an inner sanctuary to release stress at home or when travelling.

But this is not just an audio

It’s a complete guide on how to do it.  I find it’s not enough to just download an audio and do the practice successfully.  Most people need guidance on how to do it which is why I have put together step by step instructions to go with the audio.

I’ve included:

  • The complete downloadable guided audio
  • Comprehensive step by step instructions which shows you how to prepare yourself
  • How to do the practice to get the very best benefit

I know by now you're probably asking...

Anandi, I’d love to experience this healing practice, but how much is it?

I knew you would ask that question.

The fact is… my goal is to help people stay healthy and sleep well without drugs.  I know that if you start making steps towards calming your nervous system down, you will sleep better.  With that in mind, I wanted to make it possible for anyone to do this practice. I’m therefore offering you the opportunity to do this at home at a time convenient for you at a special offer of just £10.95.

Complete guided yoga sleep audio


order now

Don't take our word for it

See what others say

A strong level of peace

“I had achieved such a strong level of peace that my body felt safe enough to let go and head to the land of nod. I’ve used the CD regularly since and can give it a big thumbs up. The vocabulary and tone helps to give great focus and shut off internal chatter that may be going on in one’s head….it’s definitely a wonderful tool for aiding peace of mind and quality of sleep”

Restful and Regenerating

“Restful and regenerating. This does what it says on the can, good for before sleep and/or when you need to unwind as it induces a peaceful restfulness”.


“Sends me to sleep every time”

Good House Keeping

Little Life Changer: A refreshingly rejuvenating, ideal pre-party/mid-flight/lunch hour pick me up is the YOGA SLEEP by Anandi

Triona McCarthy

Fashion and Beauty Guru / The Sunday Independent

For years I’ve been a really bad sleeper, only getting four hours a night. I’ve tried everything to get more zeds, as every beauty expert bangs on about the importance of sleep to keep wrinkles at bay. Obviously a good bed makes a difference, but there are other things that can help. Something I found very useful was Yoga Sleep, a brilliant new CD from Anandi, The Sleep Guru. Based on the ancient meditation technique called Yoga Nidra, Yoga Sleep helps to relax and transform the mind, body and spirit.

Mitra Wicks

/ Yoga Magazine

'After listening to the Yoga Sleep last night I slept for 9 hours! That never happens!'

Natural Sleep Programme

Natural Sleep Programme

Anandi will show you how to sleep better using her unique Ayurveda Sleep Therapy process

The book

The book

Breathe Better, Sleep Better. A step by step guide on how to work with the breathe for a better nights sleep

Ayurvedic Sleep Retreat in Tuscany

Ayurvedic Sleep Retreat in Tuscany

Join me in stunning Tuscany 10th-15th Sept 2018 and learn how to sleep better naturally.

The Biomat

The Biomat

The Biomat's combination of Infrared Rays and amethyst crystals soothes the nervous system and helps you sleep better.

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