Sleep Strategy Session

Sleep Strategy Session

A deep dive into the cause of your sleep issue with a clear strategy to get you sleeping well again.

The Sleep Mastery Programme

The Sleep Mastery Programme

Bespoke one to one 10 week Sleepology by Anandi® coaching programme

Melatonin Assessment

Melatonin Assessment

Consider a melatonin assessment before taking sleep medication!

Free Quiz - What's your sleep type?

Free Quiz - What's your sleep type?

Find out what's your sleep type and take action to sleep better.

Special Breath Practice Free Download

Special Breath Practice Free Download

Learn how to open the chest for deep profound breathing.

7 Classical Mistakes of the Insomniac Free Ebook Download

7 Classical Mistakes of the Insomniac Free Ebook Download

Find out what the 7 classical mistakes insomniacs make.

Sleepology by Anandi®

What others say about

Claire Uttne

You have done so much to bring balance and harmony.  I unquestionably get more sleep during the course of each week now - and even when I wake in the early hours, you have given me the resources to find an inner peace that has alluded me for so long.  Thank you

Charlotte Watkins

Anandi was really warm and has a good insight into sleep problems. The report she creates is in depth and reflective of you as an individual and brings with it beneficial recommendations. I would highly recommend working with Anandi

Debbie Lythe

Anandi was dedicated in helping me and had the depth of knowledge, understanding and patience to guide me through the course was which fascinating, enjoyable and successful. I now go to bed without anxiety and sleep throughout the night every night. It is a revelation and I cannot recommend this course enough. Anandi is a true expert in her field – if you have sleep issues that need resolving you should definitely do this course. With all my heart thank you Anandi.

Keeley Poore

The Sleepology programme Anandi has designed and conducts is nothing short of miraculous if followed with her guidance. A weekly session keeps you on track, she makes it so very easy to understand - it's so logical, immensely informative and most of all - it works! Her understanding of breath work and it's power should be a national programme of education.

Dale Darley

Anyone who is having trouble sleeping, please talk with Anandi. It’s never just about the nighttime. There are so many factors affecting our sleep, and she is a master at uncovering the deeper reasons

Tom Colucci

Anandi is a sweet, loving, and supportive soul. She is a light at the end of the insomnia tunnel. She makes it easy to learn, do the work, and stay on track so body, mind, being, and sleep can heal and transform. For me, the Sleep Mastery Programme was transformative! I am deeply grateful that I met Anandi and got to work with her.

Anil Kumar


I worked with Anandi and have the say that the results have been phenomenal. I feel better just through and through and have more energy than ever: prior to meeting Anandi I had an erratic sleep pattern and always felt I was chasing my tail trying to stay on top of things. Now I feel I have a sense of calm and structure to my daily routine - thanks Anandi!

The Insomnia Blog

dedicated to help with sleep deprivation exhaustion and stress

Sleepology anandi sleep guru

What is the best sleeping position?

Many people ask me ‘what is the best sleeping position?’.  They are often surprised by my answer as it is […]

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DIY Weekend Sleep Retreat

Even if you can’t get away, you can still do a DIY weekend sleep retreat Even in the ancient days […]

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Ayurvedic Sleep types

Ayurvedic Sleep Types

Allopathic medicine is a system used to treat symptoms and diseases predominantly using drugs.

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Recovery Green Juice

Recovery green juice

Try this recovery green juice if you’re sleep deprived and if you’re creating a lot of heat in the body […]

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The sacred space

There are two very important rejuvenation spaces in the home. The bedroom primarily and the bathroom.

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Natural Sleep Essences - Ojas, Tejas, Prana

Prana, Tejas and Ojas are subtle life force essences that work together to promote health and vitality. When in balance […]

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