What have chakras to do with sleep?

Firstly, when people hear the word chakra, they often dismiss it as being too ‘woowoo’, but listening to Deepak Chopra

who is a major authority on eastern philosophy he has reported research that shows that there are different vibrational frequencies that relate to the chakras, so western science has proven that chakras exist, eastern science goes one step further and says that each chakra corresponds to different levels of consciousness.

The chakra story is a long one, but I wanted to point out that our state of consciousness is extremely important when it comes to our natural sleep, health and wellbeing.  An imbalance or blockage in a certain chakra could be totally sabotaging you….resulting in poor, restless sleep, full blown insomnia or could manifest in a disease.  Working on the chakras is about embracing their qualities and transcending the blockages.

Lets start at the bottom with the root chakra, this is called the Muladhara. This chakra relates to the security of the individual and their material possessions.  Insecurity issues create anxiety which will nearly always result in insomnia!

The second chakra, swadisthana, relates to emotions, sensuality and creativity.  When this chakra is blocked you will feel like you have no inspiration and lost.  

The third chakra, manipura, is the centre of your internal fire, your power, courage and self esteem.  Blockages in this chakra will leave you exhausted and weak, both physically and mentally.

The fourth chakra, anahata is the home of love and compassion. Feelings of not being able to receive are also connected to the heart chakra and often when we are exhausted we don’t feel we can ask for help…

The fifth chakra, vishuddha is the centre of communication and expression.  When you tell your truth and get things off your chest, one could say it is also a centre of purification.  When you know you should ‘just say it’, but don’t, your mind will go over and over and over it, and this is usually at night when you are trying to sleep, so getting things off your chest helps!  

The sixth chakra, ajna relates to your intuition and is often called the third eye.  Listening and being congruent with your intuition is also important for personal balance.  

The seventh chakra, sahasrara is your spiritual connection to something bigger than yourself and ignoring your spirituality will also take you out of equilibrium.

I regard natural sleep as a hugely holistic matter and I encourage you to look at the different layers of your life and start digging deeper and taking steps towards your long term health and wellbeing. Deepak Chopra meditation is just one of those steps you could consider.