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    1. My natural body type would be considered to be:
      1. Slim and easy to lose weight
      2. Strong and muscular
      3. Stocky or solid
    2. When in bed:
      1. I often feel cold, in particular, my feet
      2. I’m often too hot rather than too cold
      3. I sleep anywhere!
    3. When I can’t sleep, it’s usually because:
      1. My mind is always busy, even at bedtime
      2. I wake up in the early hours and can’t get back to sleep. I get up and do something
      3. I can’t find a comfortable sleeping position
    4. I worry about sleeping if:
      1. I’m cold, even under the covers
      2. The rooms is too hot and I have a tendency to sweat
      3. I don’t worry about sleeping
    5. I know I won’t sleep if:
      1. I feel upset or unsettled, or someone has upset me
      2. I’m under pressure with work
      3. I don’t usually have a problem sleeping
    6. If I’m hungry:
      1. It doesn’t affect my sleep
      2. I won’t sleep
      3. It doesn’t usually affect my sleep
    7. When I wake up in the morning:
      1. I feel exhausted overwhelmed
      2. I get straight to work, no time to waste
      3. I’d love to just lay, I like being in bed
    8. If I go to bed late it’s because:
      1. I’m stressed and my mind is racing
      2. I’m super focused on my projects and have to get things done
      3. I’m just enjoying relaxing with friends and don’t prioritise sleep
    9. During the night:
      1. I have a tendency to move a lot when I’m asleep
      2. I get hot and start removing covers
      3. I snore and/or don’t move much
    10. When I don’t sleep well:
      1. I feel unable to cope
      2. Irritable and overreact
      3. Groggy and congested
    11. I wake up in the night usually because:
      1. I heard a noise, or someone turned the light on
      2. I have lots of projects that I am focused on and I start thinking about my goals
      3. I don’t usually wake up during the night
    12. If I wake up in the night for no reason:
      1. I start to worry about not getting enough sleep
      2. I start to think about my projects
      3. I just go back to sleep
    13. My natural personality is:
      1. Creative, anxious, very sensitive
      2. Focused, irritable, very active
      3. Easy going, relaxed and reliable
    14. If I had to identify a fault with myself it would be:
      1. I take on too many things and have trouble completing
      2. I have a tendency to take over and get a little aggressive
      3. I can never decide what to do and it takes too long to make a decision
    15. In winter:
      1. I find that I get dehydrated with the central heating
      2. I like the central heating off in the bedroom or have a window open even in winter
      3. I can’t get up in the morning when it’s still dark
    16. In summer:
      1. I have trouble sleeping when it’s too light
      2. I enjoy the long days, I get more done, but get a bit irritable if it’s too hot
      3. I love relaxing in the summer and not doing too much
    17. My dreams are:
      1. Fearful, flying, nightmares
      2. Action and goals
      3. I often dream about water





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