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A strong level of peace

“I had achieved such a strong level of peace that my body felt safe enough to let go and head to the land of nod. I’ve used the CD regularly since and can give it a big thumbs up. The vocabulary and tone helps to give great focus and shut off internal chatter that may be going on in one’s head….it’s definitely a wonderful tool for aiding peace of mind and quality of sleep”

Restful and Regenerating

“Restful and regenerating. This does what it says on the can, good for before sleep and/or when you need to unwind as it induces a peaceful restfulness”.


“Sends me to sleep every time”

Good House Keeping

Little Life Changer: A refreshingly rejuvenating, ideal pre-party/mid-flight/lunch hour pick me up is the YOGA SLEEP by Anandi

Triona McCarthy

Fashion and Beauty Guru / The Sunday Independent

For years I’ve been a really bad sleeper, only getting four hours a night. I’ve tried everything to get more zeds, as every beauty expert bangs on about the importance of sleep to keep wrinkles at bay.Obviously a good bed makes a difference, but there are other things that can help. Something I found very useful was Yoga Sleep, a brilliant new CD from Anandi, The Sleep Guru. Based on the ancient meditation technique called Yoga Nidra, Yoga Sleep helps to relax and transform the mind, body and spirit.

Mitra Wicks

/ Yoga Magazine

'After listening to the Yoga Sleep last night I slept for 9 hours! That never happens!'

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