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Get the gloss March 2014

“3. MEDITATE – Meditation can really help maintain a healthy sleep rhythm and is a great way to relax the mind. Meditating for just half an hour provides more psychological rest than a full night’s sleep. As you begin to meditate on a regular basis, you will notice an increased sense of wellbeing as well as greater energy and creativity. The beauty of meditation is that you don’t need anything for it, no special clothes or equipment. You only need yourself and half an hour. Begin by just following your breath… as you inhale, follow the journey from nostril to belly and out again. Don’t worry if you have some thoughts – that’s normal, just keep coming back to the breath.’ suggests Anandi, The Sleep Guru.”

“8. STRETCH – “Yoga is another excellent practice to help counteract stress and treat insomnia. On those days when you feel absolutely exhausted, a great way to rejuvenate yourself is to just pop your legs up the wall! This is a restorative yoga pose that anyone can do and is an excellent natural sleep remedy. This pose will revive the legs, feet, spine and nervous system. It stretches and relieves tiredness in the back of the legs and feet, it’s marvellous for sleeping problems or insomnia and stress just melts away. Stay there for at least five minutes.’ suggests Anandi.”

“14. HUM – “Another fantastic technique to try is to spend at least ten minutes humming like a bumble bee before you go to bed” says Anandi. “This technique is called ‘brahmaree’. Practising this creates a deeply healing vibration. It relaxes the mind and the nervous system, gets rid of negative emotions and stimulates serotonin, the sleep hormone. It will also draw you inwards away from the constant train of thoughts in the mind. All you need to do is close your mouth, inhale through your nose and exhale by humming like a bumble bee.”