How to take a deep breath and sleep better

Did you realise that you may not be able to sleep because you’re not breathing fully?  Short, shallow breathing increases the heart rate and makes your mind race, and slow, deep rhythmic breathing has the opposite affect.

It therefore makes sense that deep breathing helps you sleep better.

When you try to take a deep breath in, do your shoulders end up around your ears and your stomach pulls in?  Do you feel like you can’t take a deep breath because your body is rigid and it won’t allow you to expand the rib cage?

In my book, Breathe Better Sleep Better, I’ve outlined a special practice called ‘The Breath Liberation Practice’.  It helps you free up the breathing mechanism in order to make space for the breath.

The starting point, before anything else, is posture. There is little point in doing breathing exercises if your body can’t actually take a deep breath because of the rigidity.  In my video below, I’m sharing a very special technique that corrects your posture and opens up the whole of your thoracic cavity.  You’ll be able to breathe like you’ve never breathed before.

Do this practice every morning for 10 minutes.  You’ll become conscious of what good breathing feels like and start your day with a quiet mind.

You can find the whole Breath Liberation Practice in my book plus a comprehensive five week plan where I take you through all the different healing aspects of the breath step by step.  The breath affects your ability to nourish and detoxify the system as well as how effective you are in the world.

Sleep well.