8 Tips to help give you a better nights sleep

According to Neom Organics’ recent stress audit, 1 out of 2 of us feel that better quality sleep would make them feel less stressed. My question is, why are we not getting good quality sleep? Most people these days, the moment the alarm goes off, run from this appointment to that, and never detach from the internet as they lay in bed checking emails and Facebook status on their iPhones. Our lives are no longer conducive to good quality sleep.

How you feel during your waking hours depends greatly on how well you sleep. Here are my 8 simple yet effective tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

  1. Wind down in the evening, turn technology off, listen to relaxing music or read something relaxing.
  2. Turn the lights down. The body’s sleep hormones respond to light and dark. As the light goes down and the evening draws in the darkness, the body’s serotonin levels rise and melatonin is released to start the natural sleep cycle.
  3. Eat light. Going to bed on a full heavy meal will absolutely affect the quality of your sleep.
  4. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol may make you feel sleepy, but it will have you up in the middle of the night with your heart racing. Alcohol is not a sleep aid, and if you are having problems nodding off or staying asleep, you need to avoid alcohol.
  5. Drink relaxing herbal tea and absolutely no coffee or black tea before bed.
  6. Unravel yourself and put your legs up the wall. I recommend legs up the wall to nearly everyone as it has such a heavenly rejuvenating power and will bring you back to earth after all that running and rushing. Everything will calm down including the mind and the nervous system. Stay there for 10 minutes as your bedtime prep!
  7. Breathe! The breath, heart and mind are intimately linked, the moment you start taking longer deeper breaths, the heart rate comes down, the mind settles and you are more likely to fall asleep. Just put your hands on your belly, keep all your awareness in your hands on your belly and allow the breath to deepen. The breath will go where the awareness goes. Having your hands on your belly encourages deep breathing. Do this for 15 minutes when you turn the light out.

Set the space. Make your bedroom your sanctuary, light a beautiful scented candle like the Neom Organics Real Luxury range. Indulge in sumptuous bed linen and make sure you declutter. Stepping into your bedroom should be like stepping into a temple as you leave the day behind you.