How to manage daily stress

Many people are asking how to manage daily stress, especially in these current times of Covid. Mental health issues are at an all time high and people need strategies to help them get through.

It’s been reported that more than two thirds of the Uk population (69%) feel worried about the impact Covid is having on their life.

Using the sense of smell in combination with breathing can have a profoundly calming effect on your nervous system.

Your sense of smell is actually way more powerful than you think

Did you know that 75% of your emotions are triggered by smell?

Have you noticed that a smell of a particular incense you may have experienced in a temple or yoga shala can transport you right back there.

I use scent in my yoga space and on my retreats. I do that because the smell does some of the work for me.   As soon as people walk in the door, it starts the process of winding them down and helps them leave their stresses outside the space.

As they step over the threshold, within minutes, they feel calmer.

A whiff of a scent is enough to change your state.

Combine a scent with breath and you’ve got a recipe to move you from high stress to feeling grounded and more peaceful very quickly.

There’s so many wonderful smells on the market, but beware of chemical smells.  You might think they smell lovely, but you don’t want to be breathing some chemical concoction that’s doing you more harm than good.  Make sure it’s natural!  Choose wisely.

You could try the Scentered Therapy balms

I love The Sleep Well Therapy Balm in particular.  You just rub a little on your wrists and just behind the ears on the neck.  Be generous with it!

I went one step further and put a little just under my nose, sat with my eyes closed and took a few deep breaths.  It was wonderful, in just a few breaths I felt a sense of calm.

Want to give it a try?  Here’s the process.

Make sure you’re warm and comfortable

Sit on a comfortable chair

Wipe some balm on your wrists, by the side of your neck and under the tip of your nose

Set your timer for two minutes.  I love Insight Timer for this.  Make sure you use a timer with a soft bell, not a loud alarm that will violently pull you out of your peaceful state

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the tip of your nose

Follow your breath as it comes in through the nose.  In particular tune into the smell

Really breathe in the smell and draw it up to the third eye.

Hold for a few seconds and let out a long deep breath with a sign

Keep going until the bell goes off

Sit for a few moments before you open your eyes

Do this daily and you’ll soon find that you’re anchored to the smell.  Whenever you smell this particular scent, your nervous system will calm automatically without you doing a thing.

How to manage stress

Try this at bedtime too.  Here’s the process

Get ready for bed.

Wipe some balm on your wrists, by the side of your neck and be generous under the tip of your nose.

Lay on your back and follow your breath as it comes in and out of the nose.

Allow your belly to expand with the breath

Really tune into the smell

Allow yourself to drift off to sleep


One of the reasons that I love these Scentered Therapy Balms is they way they’re packaged.  There’s no spillage and you can just pop them in your handbag and use them anytime.

Lovely!  Enjoy!