Don’t underestimate the how the sense of smell could help you sleep

We should never underestimate your sense of smell.

I know, it sounds odd but it’s true. Your sense of smell is way more powerful than you think. A scent can anchor us to certain emotional states: the smell of your grandmother’s perfume, the gym at your old school, the smell of a church, a farm, a stew cooking on the stove. All of these can transport us back in time in a flash, reminding us of our childhoods; memories long since forgotten.

A good quality scented candle like Neom Organics Tranquillity can be great for helping you to relax.

The smell can immediately transport you to a place of peace and tranquility. A relaxing smell can be very powerful!

Unlike other parts of our bodies, which tend to degenerate with age (pass me those reading glasses!) the cells in our noses regenerate every 28 days – so we effectively have a “new” nose every month. We might have a cold which will affect our ability to smell, but other than that our sense of smell is probably our most underestimated sense. The sense of smell is the most sensitive, and most of us can remember a smell with 65% accuracy after a year. In contrast, our visual recall is usually around 50% after three months. This is how a passing whiff can transport you back to fond memories of childhood.

75% of our emotions are are triggered by smell.

This is something large companies use to make us buy their products – and it works. Supermarkets will deliberately pump the air from the bakery into the shop so that we can all smell fresh bread as we shop. Smell is closely linked to our pleasure and well-being; it stands to reason that the right smells will help us to relax, calm, and ultimately sleep.

Essential oils are well known for their properties, both being absorbed into the skin and being released into the air as scents. Aromatherapy is a massive part of alternative health these days and one should be careful not to buy cheap artificial house fragrance as they can do more harm than good. They are filled with chemical scents and waxes, even the wick could be toxic.  Choose products wisely.

Buy good quality, all natural ingredient products like Neom Organics. Everything from the wax to the wick is natural!

Give it a try, light a scented candle for your meditation practise or night time routine (one or the other; not both). Only light it at those times, and soon you will have created an anchor smell that will help to pull you into that sense of calm as soon as you light it – doing half the work for you, and getting you ready to relax.

With love