Ashwagandha as a sleep aid and anxiety cure

Ashwagandha is starting to get lots of attention as a sleep aid and anxiety cure.

The sanskrit word Ashwagandha means ‘horse smell’ or its sometimes translated as ‘energy of a horse’.

That may well sound wierd, but those ancients were very wise beings indeed.  Without all the modern day test tube research, they knew that Ashwangandha was a very effective nervine.

The root of the plant apparently does have a horse like smell.  Howevever, it could also be describing the effects of taking the herb which gives you the ‘energy and vitality of a horse’!

The indications for Ashwagandha in Ayurvedic medicine are weakness, depletion, nervousness, overwork, lack of sleep and exhaustion.

There are a number of studies that have caught my eye which back this up showing that Ashwagandha is an effective sleep aid and anxiety cure. For example, research conducted at the Prakruti Hospital, Kalwa, Maharashtra in India shows fascinating results about the efficacy of Ashwagandha as a sleep aid.

It showed clearly that Ashwagandha improves the onset of sleep as well as the quality of the participamts sleep.

Who would benefit from taking Ashwagandha?

You’d probably benefit from Ashwagandha if you’re suffering from:

  • Poor sleep
  • Low energy
  • Racing mind

Many of my clients ask why they can’t sleep, even when they’re so exhausted.  The fact is, in order to go into a deep sleep, you need energy. That’s where Ashwaganda’s nourishing and energising effects combine to help soothe the nervous system and improve your sleep quality.

Ashwagandha is also known as a rejuvenative herb

John Douillard (one of my favourite Ayurvedic Doctors) sited research showing that Ashwagandha demonstrated a 39% decrease in age related protein damage in the spinal cord and a 60% reduction in age related protein damage in motor neuron cells.

Sensitive Sleepers would definitely benefit from taking Ashwagandha.

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