How important is your bed for better sleep?

Your bed should support better sleep, not hinder it!

You spend 9-10 years of your life in bed.

If you’re spending that amount of time in bed, there are a number of things to be considered.

Why would anyone spend 10 years of their life laying on something that’s not supporting their body properly, giving them backache and disturbing their sleep?

If you consider that good quality sleep helps you live longer, enhances your memory, sharpens your creativity and makes you look more attractive, I would say, it’s worth considering making an investment.

If you could get a drug that did all that, people would pay large sums of money for even a small dose of the wonder drug.

If there was any piece of furniture in the house to be economised on, it’s definitely not your bed.

People spend a fortune on cars that depreciate in value, why would you not spend that on your bed?

Yes, it’s nice driving a smart car that’s comfortable, but seeings as sleep is so important to your health, the bed is by far the most important investment out of the two!

The Being Collection, HastensI recently attended the launch of the ‘Being collection’ by Ilse Crawford at Hastens in London.  Her stunning hemp headboard and bedskirt compliment the all natural fibre bed.

Ilse is passionate about putting human needs at the forefront of everything she does.  The ‘Being Collection’ is no exception as her philosophy for making humans feel comfortable and maintaining the natural balance is clearly at the forefront of this collection.

One of the things that attracted me to Hastens was their dedication to using natural sustainable products to build their beds.

You won’t find anything synthetic in their beds.  When you sleep on a Hastens, your body is more able to adjust it’s temperature for optimum sleep as the all natural fibre bed transports away moisture and any surplus heat.

I believe in the consciousness of all things.

When food is made with love, it tastes different, when a bed is made with love you sleep better.

All Hastens beds are made by hand with love by artisan craftsman.  Each piece is put together by hand and with great attention to detail.  For me, this makes the bed a much more ‘live conscious’ object.

You’ll sleep better too, knowing that your bed is ethically and responsibly made.

Many bed makers use toxic chemicals to produce the desired effect.  For example synthetic latex is made with petroleum-based compounds. They can make, what looks like the same mattresss cheaper.  The problem is, we often buy with our eyes instead of our heart.

If your conscious about your health and wellbeing, you definitely wouldn’t want that stuff touching your skin or affecting the air you breathe at night.

Happy bed hunting!

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